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Talking Today, About Tomorrow

For Tammy Caudy,
Feridean Commons was

  hands down, the
  right choice!

This is Tammy's Story

about her mom Dolores (Dee) Buell pictured here.

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When Dee Buell took a fall in her home, daughter Tammy was faced with finding the right assisted living care center where her mother could grow and thrive.

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Assisted Living Questions to Ask when to

Of all the options, Feridean “just felt right.”  

When life took a turn for her mother, Tammy found herself with a difficult dilemma, as many older adult children do. Dolores (Dee) Buell had lived alone for more than a decade since her husband’s passing and had suddenly taken a life-changing fall in her home.


“After surgery and recovery, it was clear that Mom would not be able to live alone and would need some specialized care,” her daughter shared with us. Dee had macular degeneration and the beginnings of dementia and would need some help with daily chores and personal care.

“I had already researched and visited several local assisted living options when some friends referred me to Feridean. Some of the other facilities I visited were so big and sprawling and corporate- feeling. All I know is when I walked through the door at Feridean, it just felt right. It felt smaller, and homier, and easier to navigate, especially for someone with macular degeneration,” Tammy continued.

We could always rely on “the helpers.”

“I can’t say enough about the capable, caring staff at Feridean Commons… I call them the helpers. Everyone is resident-focused and in tune with one another… from housekeeping to dining staff, patient care to administration, and maintenance to coordinators. I always felt confident that whatever the situation, they would help us or get the right ‘helper’ to handle whatever might crop up.”

“From doctor visits to prescription reminders to medical record updates, they were on top of it!” Tammy continued. “They would text me or call and keep me posted about what was needed. They would always have Mom ready to go when it was time to pick her up for doctors’ appointments or off-site outings.”

“Mom could be difficult at times, and they handled things beautifully. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the way my mother was cared for by the exceptional staff at Feridean Commons.”

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If it’s Thursday, it must be “hair day”

When Dee first arrived at Feridean Commons, she wasn’t much interested in doing a lot of socializing or participating in activities. But as she adjusted, she found herself enjoying afternoon activities and looked forward to crafts and lectures and resident-focused classes and events.

“She especially loved Friday evening music time and sing-alongs. Even though she didn’t sing a note, she loved hearing the others and wouldn’t miss the weekly Friday night songfest for anything!”

As her dementia advanced, Dee would sometimes get her days confused, Tammy explained, “but she always knew when it was Thursday because that’s the day she got her hair done at the on-site salon. Mom loved Thursdays!”

Did Dee miss cooking?
“Good heavens, no!”

Even though Dee had cooked all her life for her family and friends, once she entered Feridean, she put her pots and pans in the cupboard and never looked back.

“Once she tasted the delicious chef-prepared meals served daily in the beautiful dining room where she could join friends whenever she liked,” Tammy continued, “that’s all it took!”

Before Dee passed in the summer of 2020, Tammy asked her one day if she missed cooking or ever had the urge to whip something up in the kitchen again. Dee’s answer? “Good heavens, no!”


Dee passed during the summer of 2020. She was a lovely person and she had a way of making people smile. We miss you Dee. Our love and support will always be with Tammy.

It’s a good idea to “make a plan before you need it”

When life takes a turn, events can happen quickly. One thing can lead to another and before you know it you’re faced with making life-altering decisions for a loved one while emotions are high and the future is unclear.

“I found out the hard way how important it is to make a plan before you have a crisis, Tammy concludes. “Nobody wants their family burdened with making life decisions at a difficult time. When you plan ahead, everyone’s on the same page and decisions can be made with love, and most importantly, without guilt.”

Tammy Caudy and her Mom, Dee Buell, enjoy a delicious chef-prepared meal served daily in the beautiful dining at Feridean Commons.

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A community that feels like a resort, a place that feels like home

At Feridean Commons, our dedicated and professional staff are here to help residents live their best lives. We are committed to assisting residents around-the-clock who need a little extra support so they can flourish within our beautiful, warm, home-like community. From maintenance to the housekeeping service to our culinary team, we all have a dedication in our hearts to serving older adults and setting the stage for them to continue living fulfilled lives.

Any Feridean Commons resident will tell you, there’s something that makes this place special. Something more subtle. A feeling, a sense of community that’s almost like an extended family. Much of this comes from the people and the attitude. We believe in serving the whole person – physically, mentally and spiritually. Every day, life at Feridean Commons takes on a new energy. Enjoy the style of living you desire and the peace of mind you deserve.

Five-Star Features – Assisted Living


  • Beautiful, safe grounds with a pleasant neighborhood setting

  • Chef-prepared dining

  • Fresh fruit, snacks, coffee and juice bar

  • One floor for easy access

  • CATIE – an exclusive community portal to keep everyone connected

  • Casual dining venue

  • Private dining room with catering options

  • Movie Theater with planned movie nights

  • Happy hours with entertainment

  • Meeting and gathering rooms

  • Library

  • Fitness Center

  • Exercise and wellness programs

  • Beauty salon

  • Walking paths

  • Private greenhouse gardening area

  • Fishing pond

  • In-house physician from Westerville

  • Podiatrist

  • Scheduled transportation services

  • Pet visitors welcome

  • Resident-driven programming

  • Weekly Sunday church services

  • Community-wide WIFI

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Asisted Living Nursing Care.jpg


  • Accommodations of your choice

  • Nutritional meals and snacks

  • Licensed nurses on staff

  • Daily bed making

  • Weekly laundry

  • Weekly housekeeping

  • Weekly linen change

  • Utilities, WIFI, classic cable TV (except telephone)

  • Individually controlled heating and cooling

  • Interior and exterior maintenance

  • Trash removal

  • 24-hour emergency call system

Personal Care

  • Mealtime reminders

  • Morning care including bathing, dressing, grooming

  • Evening care and bed preparation

  • Cleanliness check

  • Mobility assistance

  • Around-the-clock  care

  • Medication management, reminders, and assistance

  • Health and wellness programs

  • Scheduling transportation services for medical  and other appointments

Take a Peek Inside Our Community

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6885 Freeman Road l Westerville, Ohio 43082

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